A lot of establishments nowadays have the word DEPOT added to their trade names. I’m pretty sure that in this lifetime you’ve already come across at least one or two stores bearing the word ‘depot’ in their signages.

But, what exactly is a DEPOT? We bet a lot of you cannot give a spot-on definition if asked about it. Can you? Well if you answer YES, good for you. You may stop reading at this point. Just kidding! Bear with us, if you can.

If your answer is NO, then obviously, you need to read on.

According to Wikipedia, the term ‘depot’ comes from the French word dépót which means a depository or storehouse. In English, it may refer to a bus or railway station. When we take it in its military form, a depot may refer to a training or holding center for recruits and replacements. What is the common denominator among the definitions given above? PLACE. Depot pertains to a place. For what specifically? Well this is where the variation sets in.

A lot of establishments belonging to different industries have adapted the term depot to help them give out the message of comprehensiveness or completeness. The usage of the term is aimed to denote the complete availability of products under just one roof. Well, it may not hold true for all depots, but for Home Options, this is what drove the company to name its retail arm SAVERS DEPOT – everything under just one roof.
Savers Depot is a one-stop shop. An array of products ranging from electrical, plumbing, construction, furniture, down to finishing materials are offered to customers. Everything you can think of related to constructions and homes —- Savers Depot has it all.

Is the term ‘depot’ still mind-boggling for you? Because, if it still is, then we encourage you to visit Savers Depot. Allow us to help you get a more concrete feel and understanding of what a depot is. Let your eyes define what our words can’t. See you all in any of our branches!