What is a living room without a couch? A library without books? A bedroom without a bed? A kitchen without a stove? A comfort room without a water closet? USELESS.

Everything comes in pairs, well for the examples stated above, that is. When we go to a certain place or area, we tend to have an idea already of what to expect. And, when the actual scenario falls short of our expectations, we become disappointed.

As to how disappointed? Just imagine you’re on the brink of answering nature’s call only to find out that there is no water closet, or more commonly known as toilet bowl, in the comfort room. Quite disappointing, right?

Here at Savers Depot, we give value to this essential pairing: Comfort Room + Water Closet.

We believe it is but imperative that a comfort room, toilet room, restroom or whatever you may want to call it, should ALWAYS have a toilet bowl. And, it just doesn’t stop there. The toilet bowl, as much as possible, should be functional and true to its form. It should be able to function and operate well.

Now what makes a good water closet?

For starters, all essential parts should be working as expected. It is futile to have a toilet bowl, if say, its flush handle is defective. Or, perhaps the tank ball. When you’re in the comfort room, you’re supposed to concentrate on relieving yourself, not worry about some diminutive defects.

Furthermore, a good water closet should be able to use less water without sacrificing function or flow.

Savers Depot has a wide selection of Water Closets, both local and imported.

Please feel free to visit us anytime so we can address all your potty concerns and give you the peace of mind that you truly deserve — inside and outside your comfort rooms!