Frequently Asked Questions

What forms of payment do you accept?

We accept payment in the following forms:
✓ Cash
✓ Checks (subject to approval)
✓ Credit Cards
✓ Debit Cards
✓ Online payments (subject to approval)

Do you offer FREE delivery?

Yes, provided that customer is able to meet the minimum purchase requirement and that the destination point is within Savers Depot’s delivery matrix.

What if I don’t get to avail of the free delivery? Can I still have my items delivered?

Yes, but customer will be charged with delivery charges/fees. The delivery fee will depend on how far the delivery or destination point is.

How long will it take for you to deliver the goods purchased?

It’ll usually take 2 to 3 days from purchase date.

Do you give special discounts to bulk orders?

Yes, special discounts may be given to wholesale customers.

What is your return and exchange policy?

Items in good condition, in original packaging, the barcode still attached to the item and with VALID reason for return/replacement may be returned within seven (7) days from purchase date. We may still allow items to be returned after the 7-day grace period, however, the ‘return’ will be covered by some conditions and restrictions already.

Are your items with warranty?

Yes, but not true to all. Warranty depends on the item/s purchased.

Can customers deduct withholding tax from their payments?

Yes, customers are allowed to do so provided that they can present BIR Form 2307 upon payment.

Are all your items shown in the website?

No, only a select few are being reflected in the website. We have a wide selection of items for customers to choose from. If customer wishes to see everything Savers Depot has to offer, he/she can visit any of our branches.

What if I’ll be needing more information about a certain product, can I inquire online?

Yes, definitely. You may inquire by simply filling out the FORM in the CONTACT US page. You may also coordinate with us through phone or email. Contact listing and store details are shown in the BRANCH/LOCATION page.

Can I shop online?

Not as of the moment. But, we are gearing towards online shopping in the very near future.

I saw a job posting in your website, can I apply online?

Yes, just go to CAREERS page and click APPLY HERE. Just attach the initial documents (Resume and/or Application Letter) to your application form.